имя существительное 1) блузка, кофточка 2) рабочая блуза 3) военное обмундирование (гимнастёрка, куртка, китель)

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блуза, блузка - drag top blouse - folk blouse - hunter's blouse - peasant top blouse - romantic blouse

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I. noun (plural blouses) Etymology: French Date: 1823 1. a. a long loose overgarment that resembles a shirt or smock and is worn especially by workmen, artists, and peasants b. the jacket of a uniform 2. a usually loose-fitting garment especially for women that covers the body from the neck to the waist • blousy adjective II. verb (bloused; blousing) Date: 1897 intransitive verb to fall in a fold
Example: coats that blouse above the hip transitive verb to cause to blouse

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