I. adjective suffix Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French and Latin; Anglo-French -ic, -ique, from Latin -icus — more at -y 1. having the character or form of ; being
Example: panoramic ; consisting of
Example: runic 2. a. of or relating to
Example: aldermanic b. related to, derived from, or containing
Example: alcoholic 3. in the manner of ; like that of ; characteristic of
Example: Byronic 4. associated or dealing with
Example: Vedic ; utilizing
Example: electronic 5. characterized by ; exhibiting
Example: nostalgic ; affected with
Example: allergic 6. caused by
Example: amoebic 7. tending to produce
Example: analgesic 8. having a valence relatively higher than in compounds or ions named with an adjective ending in -ous
Example: ferric iron II. noun suffix one having the character or nature of ; one belonging to or associated with ; one exhibiting or affected by ; one that produces

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary